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  • Guest players must be added to your USSSA On Line roster prior to the start of the tournament.

    • Only 2 guest players may be used at any given time per tournament.

    • A Notification email will be sent out to both coaches and the State Director via the USSSA system.

    • Along with your current online roster, the player must be added to the paper roster and must be signed.

      • She may be hand written on the roster or just print out another roster with her name on it and have her sign.

        • Your team does not need to sign the entire roster again.

        • When the tournament has completed, you will need to remove her from your online roster.

          • If a separate roster was printed up for this player, keep the roster and it will cover her should you use her again.

          • However, you will need to add her to your on line roster again and remove her at the completion of the tournament.

        • Guest Players not listed on the online roster are subject to the Roster Protest Rule.




  • A player may NOT play DOWN a Class or Age from the team she is officially rostered with.

  • A player can play UP as long as she is playing equal to or higher in age and class.

  • State Championships  Rosters are Frozen and Pickup players will not be allowed in State Championship play.

  • National or World Tournament - Rosters will be frozen.

    • Coaches/Mangers must go through the State Director to add or release any player(s)

      • Players may only be added under the USSSA roster guidelines.


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