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Recruiting Information

  • Recruiting Resources

    • NCAA - NCAA - Recruiting Information

    • NAIA - NAIA - Eligibility

    • NJCAA - NJCAA - Eligibility

    • NWAC - Northwest Athletic Assocation of Community Colleges - Athlete Eligibility Requirements

    • NCAA - Recruiting Rules Definitions

      • Not sure what a coach is saying to you when they mention a "dead period" or what is the difference between a "contact" and an "evaluation".  This site provides an overview of common NCAA recruiting terms.

    • NCAA - Softball Recruiting Calendar

      • The NCAA regulates when coaches from DI and DII schools are able to go "out on the road" to evaluate players as well as when they may meet with players on their campus.  This website has links to DI and DII recruiting calendars for softball.  DIII schools currently do not follow a recruiting calendar for softball.

    • NCAA - Recruiting Rules

      • NCAA coaches must follow strict recruiting rules, and often these rules prohibit coaches from being able to speak with you or your parents at a tournament.  It is not that they would not like to say hello, but doing so at a time that is not allowed by the NCAA could affect their ability to be able to recruit you.  To help you understand the "dos & don'ts" links to DI, DII and DIII recruiting rules can be found here.

  • NLI

    • National Letter of Intent

      • Here you will find information about the National Letter of Intent including signing dates, rules and guidelines, frequently asked questions and more.

  • SAT/ACT Testing Dates:

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