All Stars will be contacted via email or phone

 Will do our best to have them posted at the State Championships






Voting Guidelines 


  1. Only players that were nominated by their current coach, will be on the voting ballot.

  2. All-Star voting will take place on the COUSSSA web site starting July 10, 2019 and will end July 14, 2019

    1. All voting must be completed by this date to allow the All-Star selected to accept or decline their selection

    2. Should a player not be available or declines, the next player with the most votes for that position will be notified

  3. The All-Star team will be comprised of at least 1 (one) ELECTED Player from each team in their age Division, up to a 15 player roster.

  4. All Players Nominated are eligible to be voted for by Head Coaches and Players

    1. Voting will be by submitted ballot team/coach will be available for public viewing on the COUSSSA web site

    2. During the voting process, Player’s names will not be posted.

      1. The system will not accept your vote if you do not enter the required information and your vote will NOT be counted

    3. Head Coaches are ONLY allowed to vote for players from your age division

    4. Only vote for ONE player per position

      1. One Vote is per player, not per Ballot

      2. You can submit all your votes on one Ballot

      3. Votes will not be counted if you only vote for players from your team

    5. All votes can be used for one player by entering the number next to the player's name

    6. Can be used on different players for the same position by entering number of votes next to the different players

    7. Can be used on different players at different positions on one election ballot

    8. Votes are earned based on USSSA Points and Tournaments Entered. These have been added into your available votes

      1. USSSA Point Votes are awarded based on the number of Points Earned by the Deadline

        1. 1 vote awarded per 100 points earned, once min has been met

      2. Tournament Entered Votes are awarded based on the number of Tournaments Entered

        1. 12U - 18U must have entered a min of 3 tournaments, to earn points

        2. 1 vote awarded per tournament entered once min has been met.

    9. Additional Votes are earned based on Tournaments Entered

      1. 2 additional Votes for every 2 additional Tournaments Entered

    10. Player Votes >> 1 vote MUST be used towards a player from your team

    11. Opposing Player Votes >> 1 vote MUST be used towards a player from another team in your age division

    12. All-Star Coaches will be selected by the All-Star Director

    13. Players will wear their team Jersey's

    14. If you see that any of your player's information is incorrect, contact me immediately, so I can correct it


Click on the Softball to open the Ballot.
The Ballot is an Excel Form
Complete the BLUE Area's on the Ballot
 Send the form back to
The Form Will Be Rejected if Sent in any other format.
2019 - 18B Vote Ballot
All Star Voting Ballot
2019 - 16B Vote Ballot
2019 - 14A/B Vote Ballot
2019 - 12B Vote Ballot
2018 -  Vote Ballot
2019 - 18/16A Vote Ballot
2019 - 14C Vote Ballot
2019 - 12C Vote Ballot
2019 - 10B/C Vote Ballot
2018 -  Vote Ballot

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